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What is a Phone Necklace Case?

Tired of misplacing, dropping or losing your phone? Then this trendy accessory is for you! It's a phone case connected to an adjustable strap that allows you to carry your phone over your shoulder, crossbody, or around your neck. This accessory is super convenient whenever you go on a stroll, dog walk, riding a bike or even travelling!


When is it handy?

Well, as busy as we are, we are always multitasking! So having your phone by your side without having to worry about it is a massive change! There are lots and lots of situations where your crossbody phone case will be super handy! As a mum when you are doing thousand things at the same time, at festivals, while grocery shopping or just when going for a walk with your dog, riding a bike… 


How do our phone necklace cases work? 

The phone cases have rings at the bottom, so the strap is safely attached. No more dropped phones or cracked screens! You can easily adjust the strap by pulling the two ends of it to tighten the loop. So you can choose to wear it around your neck, on your shoulder or crossbody.


Is it safe to use?

We intend to deliver premium accessories to make your life easier! Our transparent cases are high-quality material, shock-proof polycarbonate (PC). They are hard and still slim, to provide the perfect protection to your phone. Tension proof ring connect the phone case to our cotton cord or PPM cord depending on the models. Of course we cannot guarantee the integrity of your smartphone. Scratches may occur from the rings. Always handle with care and love.


For what Phones are Maddam Phone Necklaces available?

We make cases for Apple iPhone 7,  iPhone 7 Plus,  iPhone 8,  iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone, 7/8/SE 2, iPhone X,  iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone 12 Mini.

We also make cases for Samsung Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9 Plus, Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 Plus, Galaxy S20, S20 Plus and S20 Ultra. 


Can I use the same case for different phone models?

It is definitely possible for iPhones! The dimensions for some of the models only differ by 0.1-0.2 mm. Which means that you can use the same case to fit multiple iPhone models!

Here are the cases compatibles with iPhone models:

  • Same cases fit iPhones 6 / 6S, 7, 8 and SE
  • Same cases fit iPhones 6 / 6S Plus, 7 Plus/ 8 Plus
  • Cases for iPhone 11 fit on XR models
  • Cases for iPhone 11 Pro fit on XS /X models
  • Cases for iPhone 12 fit on iPhone 12 Pro models


How do I receive my Maddam case?

Our cases are packed in an Eco-Friendly Packaging. It is important to us to make sure our packaging does not lead to more waste. We use eco-friendly and biodegradable craft paper/ boxes and stayed away from using plastic for all our packaging. For more information on shipping, consult our dedicated page.


Any other questions?

Please feel free to write to and we'll get back to you asap.